Today’s the day folks!  Finally after much anticipation and a lot of drooling… Pose Fair 2013 began yesterday! The fair runs through April 14th and features poses, props and animations from some amazing creators across the grid. I have been showing you some of the poses that would be released from oOo Studio the past week and that was only a taste of what Olaenka has for you. In addition to some great new modeling poses Lookbook 1, 2, Guy, and Wobble, there are also 2 new couple’s poses: “Sweet” which is aptly named for it’s tender forhead kiss and “Breathless” the sensual touch of lovers.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with 3 other fellow photographers I admire greatly on these shots.  Kaelyn Alecto and Maxxster Resident were gracious enough to pose for me for “Sweet” on their beautiful home sim “It All Starts With A Smile” which is also open to the public to enjoy.


“Breathless” was a pose that begged for the likes of photo artist great, Skip Staheli… I asked and he said yes!  Big thanks to Skip for taking time out of his hectic schedule to work with me.  It was truly an honor!


For a little more rawr… there are 2 group poses for girls “Chicks” and “Gorgeous”, as well as the super sexy mesh “Tantra Chair” loaded with 8 luscious couple’s poses.  Huge thank you to all the wonderful ladies who posed with me for these shots (Charisma Jonesford, Katya Valeska, Dani Riaxik, Harlow Heslop, Maci Restless, Autumn Amaranth and Shiloh Selene) it was indeed a blast!  So get on down to Pose Fair and check out all the goodies…. this and much more awaits you!

Chicks_FINAL  Gorgeous_FINAL2


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