{ Once Upon a Time… }


The forest beckoned her with its brilliant colors and pretty petals basking in the sun’s rays and the beautiful music in the meadow of birds calling to each other.  Though there was also a mystery that enchanted her, where the rays of light were forbidden and the woods grew darker.  She was a curious soul and couldn’t resist exploring where the shadows led.  Deeper into the forest she peered, through the thick bushes and tall grass, and finally to an opening among the trees where she sensed she wasn’t alone.


Movement in the field just in front of her, she stopped in her tracks.  Just then spotting a two wiggly ears poking out.  And not just one, but several cuddly little bunnies all frolicking in the flowers.  She stopped to play with them, and as the time wore on grew a bit tired and decided to lay down for a nap.  The trickling of sunlight through the trees made this spot on the ground warm and cozy blanketed with tall grass.  And the birds sang her a lullaby to which she dozed.


After a bit of rest she was awakened by the nuzzling of a furry little face near hers nudging her to continue on… So up she went and her little bunny friends hopping along behind her.  Surely there was more to see and do.


Soon she came to a large pond needing to cross she was unsure how deep it was or how she could make her way to the other side.  Seeing an enormously large leaf from what must be a very rare plant, laying just near the bank of the water, it would surely be big enough to carry her.  Onto it, she crawled paddling out just a bit, a few of her bunny friends along for the ride.


Floating lazily.. the wind seemed to push her just where she needed to go.  In time she was on the other side and one particular bunny was at her feet looking all forlorn.  He had found a little soft spot in her heart so up she brought him into her arms, petting his soft fur and calming him. 


The others bounding off ahead, she followed closely and soon they came across a playland of books and wooden toys.  It was almost as if she had become miniature in this magical world.  Books taller than she was!


Her bunny friend bounced and hopped excitedly and they played for hours together there.  They had tea together, she read him some stories but “Hide and seek” was their favorite.


The day was winding down, as the sun got lower in the sky and she knew it would be time for her adventure to end.  The soft white bunny still clinging to her arms, looking up at her with big brown eyes.  How could she go and leave this place behind?  Or forget her new friends?  Giving him a gentle squeeze she had decided he would be hers forever.  Making her way back home she smiled fondly upon remembering the events of the day.  On this Easter long ago, her little walk in the woods had brought her a new friend, her dear little “Cadbury”. 




Skin – Alyx (Peach) – Pink Fuel **NEW**

Hair – Wixson (Lt Brown 4) MESHDeLa **NEW**

^^edited only in the final pic^^

Eyes – Eternal Eyes (Gray) – IKON

MESH Hands – Slink


Dress – Reynolds (May) MESHColdlogic **NEW**

Top – J.I Cardigan MESH – Tram **NEW**

Shoes – “Adele” Wedge Pumps MESH*G Field* **NEW**

Jewelry – Keshi Pearl Heart Necklace MESHMaxi Gossamer **NEW** @Collabor88

Jewelry – Keshi Pearl Heart Earrings MESHMaxi Gossamer **NEW** @Collabor88

Jewelry – “Bejewelled” Diamond Ring MESHCae’s **NEW** @The Boutique

Other – Pettable Rabbit – Zooby’s


Combination of oOo Studio Lookbook 1, 2, and Wobble **NEW** @Pose Fair

as well as poses on sim


Happy Mood Sim

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