{ Hot Chocolate }


I could keep apologizing for being sick and busy and busy and sick…but I’m starting to sound like a broken record.  Finally catching up on a few blogposts and did this photo at the tail end of Shoetopia before it closed because well… Gos Boutique!  Need I say more?  Always a favorite of mine and was so thrilled to see his sexy new release of Bordello style heels called “Dita” with gorgeous corset detailing along the back wedge.  I couldn’t resist going for the full monty and getting sexified with this one, but instead of me baring it all (because apparently it has been pointed out to me that I have been baring it all so frequently lately 😛 ) I decided to let my man prop be the eye candy.  But only when you can stop looking at the shoes long enough to see what’s going on.

*hits record on the video camera* Now if you’ll excuse me….


Background Scene

Skybox – Blueberry Prefabs

Rug, Chaise and Pillows – Apple Fall **NEW** @Men’s Department

Bronze Table, White Leather Chair – The LOFT

Bar Drinks on table & Box of Adult Items – PILOT

Video Camera and Plant – Tartessos Arts

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