{ Streaking in the Dark } Alice Project


I have a confession… I am a Second Life hair addict.  But wait, there’s more… I *hesitates* have never really tried Alice Project Hair until just recently. *gasps*  I know I know… It’s not like Alice hasn’t been making fabulous hair for quite a while now.  But well you see, I don’t think I knew what I was doing to be honest.  The whole Create Your Own (CYO) hair seemed a bit over my head, no pun intended.  (Yes, I’m blonde in rl)  But having taken some time to really look at it, it was never really that hard at all and I am so glad I did because, WOW.  The options and cool things you can do with this hair are really quite amazing.

The hair I am wearing is called Kiera.  When you purchase any hair from Alice Project it does come with a mini-pack Color HUD for you to get started with.  From there you can purchase additional color HUDs with different options from natural to extremes, dipped, streaks, glitter and so much more.  First choose a color pack, and then which color and shade you want which shows on the right column of the HUD.  Once you have decided on a base color for your hair, which for me was a brown dipped black tone, select APPLY on the HUD.  This will permanently dye the hair to that color now.


You can then choose what areas of the hair you’d like to highlight.  At the bottom of the HUD you see PARTS: ALL 1 2 3 and 4.  Not all hairs have the same number of parts to change up, for instance, my hair only had one part that you could streak with an additional color at the front.  Select a part and start trying out colors, this is something you can change as often as you’d like.  I chose a teal color from the Extremes Color pack to match with my sexy little dress from DRIFT.  If you don’t happen to like the color on the HUD you currently have on, you can switch to any other HUDs you own, or buy a new one and use that to streak your hair.

(PLEASE NOTE: You must “apply” the base color you want BEFORE trying to streak the hair parts to any colors, otherwise when you try to streak a part, it will just change the whole hair to that color).


There is hardly a limit to your creativity with Alice Project.  It’s a veritable playground of color choices, so play and have fun with your hair!



Skin – Nina (Med 07) – Belleza **NEW**

Eyes – Vanity Eyes (Chocolate) – IKON

Hair – Kiera (Naturals base color / Extreme streaks) MESHAlice Project

Nails – Zebra Glitter (Slink Appliers) – The Wicked Peach **NEW**

Rigged MESH Hands and High Feet – Slink


Dress – Sexy Lil Dress MESH – DRIFT **NEW**

Shoes – Priscilla Plateau (Teal) MESH – Slink **NEW**

Jewelry – Kalistar Collar Necklace and Earrings MESH – Maxi Gossamer **NEW**


Beth Pack – DieselWorks **NEW**

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