{ I’m your Venus } NEW Mesh Body from Belleza Coming Soon!


It’s finally here!!!! Well ALMOST here…I was just so excited to share it with you I had to give you this sneak peek of Belleza‘s long-awaited mesh body called “Venus” and it really is as gorgeous as the name implies.  Since the dawning of mesh, Second Life has certainly been inundated with mesh body parts of all kinds lately, but I can tell you that piecing together mesh butts and hands and breasts and feet can be incredibly frustrating.  Trying to get something that looks seamless and natural is a harder task than it would seem.  So with Belleza’s new body, I couldn’t be happier that I can wear ONE body and get a smooth and beautiful look.  And with just a simple click on the HUD I can change my appliers, skin tones, tattoos, alphas, AND hand/feet styles and nailcolor!


Above: View of the HUD tabs for Venus Mesh Body by Belleza

The skin appliers tab has open slots for you to save any preset appliers, but considering I already love my Belleza skins, I’m thrilled that those are built right in.  I also think it’s great that there are two versions of the body: 1. the full body and 2. the Slink version that is intended to fit better with Slink’s hands/feet.  As most are already accustomed to wearing Slink hands/feet and may want that customizability.  Belleza’s body, particularly the foot style option will give you the ability to wear it with shoes you may already have as it has a flat, medium, and high foot option similar to Slink (some editing of the shoe or foot size may be necessary).  Belleza has already teamed up with JD footwear to give you the ability to effortlessly wear their products with a click of a button on the HUD.  There is already word that Lindsay Warwick of L. Warwick shoes has something in the works to be compatible with the Belleza foot as well.   One of my favorite features is actually the hand style tab where I can quickly see and change to whatever style I might need for the day.  I can change the left and right independently and also switch nail length and color in a matter of seconds.  For me, this is a HUGE timesaver from having to search in my inventory for the hand style and size that I need as well as then attaching ANOTHER HUD to apply the correct skin texture… and another for the nailcolor.  My screen can easily fill up with HUDs leaving me barely able to see what my avatar actually looks like.  Not to mention this frees up precious space in my inventory.  And for a girl who is pushing 100k, I need all the help I can get.

Now let’s talk about the alpha tab… because as gorgeous as this body is and as much as you’ll want to walk around naked all day to flaunt it.. you WILL have to wear clothes sometimes. The alpha options are pretty detailed and the front and back are also independent of each other on the torso, which is particularly important when wearing low cut or low backed tops/dresses. With the variety of mesh clothing in SL, there is always bound to be that one item that isn’t completely compatible with the alpha mapping but often between adjusting some of your shape sliders (particularly the butt or breast), you can still make it work.


The bottom line for me as a photographer is honestly the benefit of mesh when editing photos.  The default avatar is just not as smooth as one would like it to be.. So many boxy joints and this gets worse the curvier you choose to make your shape.  No one wants a boxy butt or breast.  It used to take me ridiculous amounts of time when working on nude or nearly naked photos to smooth and liquify all those bits and pieces that weren’t so pretty.  The mesh body eliminates that.  Below you can see the amazing difference between the default avatar shape and the use of the Belleza Mesh Body.  In my photoshopped photo above… I didn’t have to touch the body at all in editing!  That almost never happens. Ever.


The Body is not yet released in the store, but I believe it is coming soooon and there will possibly be even further updates to what you see here currently.  This is a fantastic starting point though and honestly I’m beyond pleased with what Tricky has done here!

Please note: Included with the body are also 3 colors of mesh lingerie as well as 2 colors of JD heels to get you started.


Mesh Body (full) – Venus – Belleza **COMING SOON**

Skin – Emily (Rare 2) – Belleza **NEW** @The Arcade

Hair – Rain (Light Browns) – Exile *past Arcade Gacha

Eyes – Crystal Eyes (Angel) – Buzzeri

Lashes – Falsies – Candy Mountain

Pose – Goddess by Night #6 – ZZANG

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