{ Baby you’re so classic } featuring….FaMESHed, LaRoo, and Belleza

This post is wayyyy overdue, so I apologize for the not so newness of these items but maybe they will still be new to some of you! The month just got away from me much too quickly.  The month is not completely over so there’s still time to catch this round of FaMESHed or Belleza’s November Best Buys.  All clothing items will be available in stores after the event is over.  I decided to make use of all the really great fashion options there were not only from FaMESHed but also from DRIFT and LaRoo (who incidentally just introduced a fantastic new collection of mesh heels w/HUD-controlled feet), and create a classic 3 look preview:  one more uptown, one more downtown and one more casual… I hope you like!


**Edit** due to holiday, family visiting and then illness this post didn’t make it in time for November, but all the November round of FaMESHed clothing will be in their stores soon…  Sorry! :\


Style #1

Skin – Ashley (Med-01) – Belleza **NEW Best Buy November Exclusive**

Eyes – Perspective Eyes (hazel) – IKON

Hair – Pixvior (dark reds) MESH – Vanity **NEW**

Rigged MESH Hands – Slink

Top (under) – Dita Tucked Chemise (black) MESH – Valentina E. **NEW**

Jacket – Vintage Fur Bomber (leopard) MESH – Valentina E. **NEW**

Bottoms – Sandy Leather Pants (black) MESH – Cracked Mirror **NEW**

Accessory – Highbrow Shades MESH – DECO

Jewelry – 50s Pearl Necklace (red) MESH – Izzie’s

Shoes – Aria Wedges (red) MESH – LaRoo **NEW**

Style #2

Skin – Ashley (Med-02) – Belleza **NEW Best Buy November Exclusive**

Eyes – Vanity Eyes (Denim) – IKON

Hair – Leighton (browns) MESH – ISON **NEW**

Rigged MESH Hands – Slink

Top (under) – Mini Corset non-sheer (black) MESH – Tee*fy

Jacket – City Blazer (Tweeds) MESH – DRIFT **NEW**

Bottoms – Linen Stitched Skirt (black) MESH – NYU **NEW**

Accessory – Neckerchief (black velvet) MESH – DRIFT

Accessory – Scout Boho Bag (gray) MESH – ISON

Jewelry – Gigi shimmer bow Ring (black) MESH – Maxi Gossamer

Jewelry – Ritzy Shimmer Pearls Earrings (black) MESH – Maxi Gossamer **NEW**

Shoes – Hanna Pumps (violet) MESH – LaRoo **NEW**

Style #3

Skin – Ashley (Med-03) – Belleza **NEW Best Buy November Exclusive**

Eyes – Vanity Eyes (Denim) – IKON

Hair – Daydream (naturals) MESH – Exile **NEW**

Rigged MESH Hands – Slink

Top – Los Angeles Cardigan (Tanager) MESH – Emery **NEW**

Bottoms – Lana Shorts MESH – Mutresse **NEW**

Jewelry – Mermaid’s Serpent Eye Ring (silver) MESH – Maxi Gossamer **NEW**

Jewelry – Boho Bliss Tassel-Tastic (long) MESH – Maxi Gossamer **NEW**

Shoes – Alison Pumps (black) MESH – LaRoo **NEW**

Poses for All Styles from KIRIN Poses (Maylee Pack) **NEW**

{ Good Girls Go Bad }


For anyone that follows my work (even prior to blogging) they would probably say I have a certain style to my photos.  I am sure most of the time it comes across as more romantic and whimsical (like my last few posts), sometimes sensual.  Not usually edgy.  Although it’s fun to venture outside the box sometimes.  It’s one of the things I like best about Second Life actually: being able to change my style according to my mood or just simply to be different.  I’ve often felt that in my real life I am viewed a certain way… I’m a mom, the good girl, the wife.  I do dishes and laundry and carpool kids to soccer practice.  Yet there is so much more to my interests, my personality, ME… than what everyone sees.  In RL, I can’t dye my hair black and wear leather studded miniskirts when dropping my son off to school (well, I can, but I’m sure I’d get some pretty strange looks, particularly from my 6 year old).   So sometimes I enjoy exploring those not so typically ‘good girl’ sides to myself through my SL.  Because here, I am anything I wanna be.  For the moment.



Skin – Alyx (Peach) – Pink Fuel **NEW**

Makeup – LesMakeups (Monica) – MiaMai

Eyes – Eternal Eyes (grey) – IKON

Hair – Betty (black coffee) MESHWasabi Pills **NEW** @FaMESHed

MESH Hands – Slink


Top – Lua’s Cropped Shirt MESHThe Secret Store **NEW** @FaMESHed

Bottoms – Studded Skirt (grey) MESHCracked Mirror **NEW** @FaMESHed

Stockings – Patterned Stockings (Skulls/black) – Erratic

Boots – Salina Boots (Black) MESH – :FANATIK: **NEW** @FaMESHed

Jewelry – Roho Ring (Large) MESHMaxi Gossamer

Jewelry – Love Rocker Necklace MESHMaxi Gossamer

Face Piercings – Against the Stream (Ink) MESH:Hebenon Vial:


“Daphne” Singles – oOo Studio **NEW**


Toxian City

{ All American Sweetheart }

Well it’s Friday and y’all know what that means…. SHOPPING FLF (Fifty Linden Fridays)!  Ok ok… yes and the weekend!  I am not sure if your weekends are full of working, crazy nights out, or family time, but mine seem to be mostly similar to my weekdays.  But I’m a bit determined to try to do something new or different this weekend.

I am already off to a good start with checking out a brand new sim that just opened today called Happiness is Liberty“.  Kaelyn Alecto, who’s friend is the owner, put out the invitation today in Plurk and after seeing the preview pictures, I knew I had to go see it for myself. It really is a nice sim and I was particularly drawn to the open grassy field with thick forest in the background that has trails going through it.  It reminded me of growing up in Michigan actually with the wooded areas.


So in addition to trying out a new place I also am showing off some great new pieces from some different events on the grid right now.  First off, for FLF today Elate! has these super sweet jeans with heart prints on them out!  At FaMESHed which just opened this past  weekend you can find this adorable new hair from Truth as well as cute cropped sweater with a variety of prints by Cracked Mirror. I also stopped by IKON to pick up the new VIP group gift “Ardent” eyes in Pewter.  The poses are also brand spanking new from Everglow in her new Girls Poses pack out now at Pose Fair!


Now although these aren’t new, I just have to rave a bit about these oxford shoes I picked up at [Monso] a while back because they’re pretty versatile and darn cute.  They have a color changing HUD that allows you to change the 2 different areas of the shoes independently as well as the laces and soles.  Solid colors and patterned options included.

Sweetheart-ShoesHope everyone has a fabulous weekend and that it’s filled with fun and maybe some new adventures!



Skin – Alyx (Peach – Natural) – Pink Fuel **NEW**

Makeup – Lip Lustre (Sprinkle) – Pink Fuel **NEW**

Hair – Tymber (Almond – lt browns) MESH – Truth @FaMESHed **NEW**

Eyes – Ardent Eyes – IKON **NEW** VIP GROUP GIFT

MESH Hands – Slink


Top – Graphic Sweater (Heart) MESH – Cracked Mirror  **NEW** @FaMESHed

Undershirt – White Tank Top – EVALE

Bottoms – Elle Jeans Hearts MESH – Elate! **NEW** for FLF

Shoes – My Fabric Oxford MESH[Monso]

Ring – Roho (Large) MESHMaxi Gossamer

Earrings – Love Heart MESHMaxi Gossamer


Girl Poses Pack #63 – *Everglow* **NEW** @Pose Fair


Happiness is Liberty