{ Kicking asses and taking names } The Secret Affair goes Mad..Max!

The Secret Affair has opened up again with a new round focused on all things Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic.  Inspired by the movie “Mad Max” which is making a comeback in theaters this year, designers gave us quite a fierce selection of creations.  If you enjoy the fantasy and style of survivalist roleplay, definitely come check it out!



Mesh Body – Venus – Belleza

Skin – Tess Med 7 Dk Br – Belleza **NEW** @SkinFair2015

Makeup – Echo Paint 10 – Zibska **NEW** @TSA

Eyes – Sinistre Eyes (lifeless vamp) – Dead Apples

Hair – Faux Dreads: The End – Tableau Vivant  **NEW** @TSA

Hairbase – Ripley – Discord Designs

Piercing – Septum piercing (steel) – Cellar Door  **NEW** @TSA

Accessories – Iron Maiden Collar, Shoulder, Tiara (iron) – Aisling  **NEW** @TSA

Accessories – Apocalypse Harness – The Forge  **NEW** @TSA

Accessories – Naimah Horns – Pure Poison  **NEW** @TSA

Top – Mad World Gacha: Corset Top (grey), bracers (RARE) – Luas  **NEW** @TSA

Skirt – Karis Skirt – Pure Poison  **NEW** @TSA

Weapon – Outlander Gacha: Axe – 22769 [bauwerk]  **NEW** @TSA

Pose – Moody Set #2 – oOo Studio **NEW** (modified hands for positioning axe)

{ Age old pastimes never die }

The Liaison Collaborative‘s Technologic Theme runs through October 10th.  So many futuristic and industrial inspired goodies to rave about…  Don’t miss out!





Skin – Artemis “Cyber Princess” (America 02 NB) – Glam Affair **NEW** @TLC

Makeup – Extraterrestrial 2-4 – The {Wicked Peach} **NEW** @TLC

Hair – Codie (Chromium) – Discord Designs **old gacha from Hair Fair

Eyes – Cyborg Eyes – NeurolaB Inc.

Mesh EV3 Cybernetic Hands – NeurolaB Inc.

Mesh Feet – Slink

Outfit – Technofuture Bralette & Leggings – Fishy Strawberry **NEW** @TLC

Heels – Electric Dreams – Eudora **NEW** @TLC

Jewelry – Cyber Collar CR-1 – NeurolaB Inc.

Extras – Beat Capsule 2.0 (Cymbiplant) – Hocico


Outfit – Black Suit – Kauna

Boots – Runner Shoes X2 (unisex) – NeurolaB Inc.

Accessories – Headphones – Swallow **NEW** @TLC


Electric Empire Table – Stockholm & Lima **NEW** @TLC

Suspensor Chairs – [bauwerk] 22769 **NEW** @TLC

V3.6 Sentinel Pet Drones – NeurolaB Inc.

Her Pose – Rave Girl (+Glow Stick Props) – Picture This! Poses **NEW** @TLC