{ You’re my Oasis }

As I roam through the wasteland
You’re the one thing I need
I see you off in the distance
You’re my oasis
You’re my oasis
You’re my oasis
When we’re lost in a desert night
And we’re chasing our paradise
When we can’t fight another fight
We’re gonna make it, make it, make it
When we’re lost in a desert night
And we’re chasing our paradise
When we can’t fight another fight
We’re gonna make it, make it, make it
You’re my oasis
You’re my oasis
You’re my oasis



Mesh Head – Annie – Catwa

Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Skin/Applier – Kumi (M02) – Essences **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Hair – Burn Down (browns) – BESOM **NEW** @Epiphany

Eyes – Glacier (pitch) – Buzzeri **NEW** @Epiphany

Outfit – Long Ribbon Cami Top & Tight Harem Pants (white beige) – Gabriel **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Jewelry – Kandra Necklace (gold) – KIBITZ **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Jewelry – Indyra Bangles and Earrings (gold) – MEVA **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Pose – Mags 2 – RK Poses **NEW** @ShinyShabby


Summer Ruins – Fanatik Architecture

Amir “Desert Flower” Build – Snollygoster

{ Take me to the Windy City }



Mesh Head – Stella – Lelutka

Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Skin/Appliers – Clara (Europa) – Glam Affair **NEW** @Uber

Eyes – Triumph Eyes (green) – IKON

Hair – E817 hair (amber) – tram **NEW**

Outfit – Season Top (orange) & Skirt (coffee) – Miwa’s Airship **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Shoes – Lily Boots – Gabriel **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Accessory – Winter is Coming Scarf – Apple May **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Jewelry – Kettle Long Chain Necklace & Earrings – The Plastik **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Gacha: Fall Bag (brown w/pattern) & Cup (hottie) – BUENO **NEW** @Kustom9

Pose – Polarius 5 – an Lar **NEW** @ShinyShabby


Saint Pete City

{ What it feels like for a girl } Gen-Neutral Event is OPEN!

Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short,
Wear shirts and boots ’cause it’s okay to be a boy.
But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading.
‘Cause you think that being a girl is degrading.
But secretly you’d love to know what it’s like wouldn’t you?
What it feels like for a girl.



Mesh Head – Karin – LeLutka

Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Skin/Appliers – Kaia (Asia) – Glam Affair **NEW**

Tattoo – Hort – Bolson **NEW**

Mesh Ears – Steking (v5) – MANDALA

Mesh Hands – Casual – Slink

Nail Appliers – Chipped Nails – A:S:S **NEW** @Gen-Neutral

Hair – Thorne (ombre naturals) – Beusy/Beusame **NEW** @Gen-Neutral

Eyes – Loam – IKON **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Top – JP’s Jacket (classic) – .miss chelsea. **NEW** @Gen-Neutral

Bottoms – Rockstar Jeans (grey) – Rebel Hope **NEW** @FaMESHed

Shoes – Detroit Garage Boots (black) – {Reverie} **NEW** @TMD

Accessories – Zoe Circle Choker, Sunglasses – Gabriel **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Jewelry – Screw This Ring Set (silver) – ieQED **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Jewelry – Dreamer Septum Ring (style 4 – black) – MONS **NEW** @Arcade

Prop/Pose – Stool One – oOo Studio **NEW** @Gen-Neutral

Build – Grunge Skybox – Dark Corp

Tin Bucket Light – Junk. **NEW** @Gen-Neutral

{ Is she just a pipe dream? }

Pipe Dream

a hope, wish, or dream that is impossible to achieve or not practical
Mesh Head – Ever – LeLutka
Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya
Skin/Appliers – Avril (America) – Glam Affair **NEW** @ShinyShabby
Hair – Fresh Mess (Naturals III) – Tableau Vivant **NEW** @ShinyShabby
Eyes – Lillian Eyes (winter) – Buzzeri
Outfit – Maria Flower Dress (Denim) – Gabriel **NEW** @ShinyShabby
Jewelry – Maria Choker/Necklace – Gabriel **NEW** @ShinyShabby
Pose #246 – Slouch Poses
Background – Pipes Prop – Exposeur **NEW**

{ A Weekend Away at The Lodge }


It’s no secret that I could use a vacation.  I feel like I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for quite a while now.  I would love to have a place to go to retreat in RL, but for now, all I have is SL and the imagination to create what might be the getaway that I need in the moment.  Perhaps I can live vicariously through my photos and pretend that I’m really there… enjoying the sounds of nature, the nearby creek, the birds singing, and the crackling of the fire, while the steam from my coffee tickles my nose as I take a sip while curling up in a cozy chair to read.  To do… nothing for a while.  It’s a beautiful things sometimes… to do nothing.  Even better when you can do nothing with someone else who enjoys doing nothing along with you.

Maybe one day I’ll get away….




Skin – Amberly (America 09) – Glam Affair

Eyes – Perspective Eyes (Hazel) – IKON **NEW**

Hair – Marleen (gingers) MESH – Truth **NEW**

Lashes – Fantasia MESH Lashes – Gaeline

Rigged MESH Hands & Feet – Slink


Top – Novella Knit Sweater (cream) MESH – ::{u.f.o}:: **NEW** @C88

Bottoms – Lou Lou Denim (dark 1) – Mon Tissu

Socks – My Leg Warmers (khaki) MESH – [monso] **NEW**

Shoes – Allison Boots (Nutmeg) MESH – fri.day **NEW**

Jewelry – Royal Autumn Forest Acorn Necklace & Ring MESH – Maxi Gossamer **NEW** @C88

Accessory – Boston Glasses (tortoiseshell) MESH – {Sleepy Eddy} **NEW** @The Chapter Four


Top – Highneck Sweater (olive) MESH – Gabriel **NEW** @The Men’s Department

Pants – Casual Jeans M2 MESH – Kal Rau


The Lodge Couples Poses – oOo Studio **NEW** for Poser Pavilion @TLC


Watcher’s Cabin (Green) – The Loft **NEW** for The Garden @TLC

Mums – Mudhoney

Car – Quatrelle – [aR]

Suitcases – Machinarium Suitcase – Vespertine (Gacha)

Suitcases – Mini leather suitcase – (Milk Motion) (Gacha)

Suitcases – Bon Voyage stacked suitcases – Tres Blah (Gacha)

Grass – KIDD (Dark Meadows)

Trees – Sugar Maples – Botanical & Birch & Enchanted Woods – Studio Skye

Golden Labrador – Zooby’s


Rug (native) – Zigana

Attic Table, Anthropologie Lamp, Grandpa’s Skis (**NEW**for The Garden @TLC) – Vespertine

Coffee to-go – Atelier Kresno

Fall Delights Cappuccino – O.M.E.N. (Gacha)

Folded Newspaper – Meli Imako

Hanging Line with Pictures – Trompe Loeil

Woodstock – Apple Fall (Gacha)

Blinds (teak) – LISP

Leather Wingback Chair – Culprit **NEW** @The Mens’ Department

Classic Pouf (cow skin) – [bauwerk] **NEW** for The Garden @TLC