{ Sweet Summer Child }


Have you ever been told you’re naive? Gullible? Too nice? Too forgiving? Too sensitive?  You just wouldn’t get hurt so much if only you toughened up and became as cynical as the rest of the world right?  Wouldn’t life be better if you were just always on the guard and never really let people in?  Oh and don’t even think of actually getting to know someone for yourself .. you should always listen to what everyone else has to say and judge others accordingly.

If my sarcasm isn’t completely obvious.. then let me be clearer.  Being a nice person isn’t a weakness.  Being kind to others and trying to put yourself in their shoes isn’t ‘uncool’.  Treating others as you wish to be treated doesn’t have to be an aging tradition that has no place in our society today… but yet, it kind of is becoming that way.  Very sadly so.  If people put more effort into biting their tongue or thinking before speaking as they do with cutting others down or maybe even replacing such hate with love… there would be a lot less tears.  A lot more people that didn’t feel so alone. And a lot more people that didn’t feel ending their lives was better than living their lives.

Words can be powerfully healing… And powerfully destructive.  The internet has paved a way for people to expose their darker selves and hurt or lash out in anonymity.  And then there are the ones full of pride who revel in the fact that they don’t need to hide to speak their minds.  Because their truth is their right to speak, and it doesn’t matter the cost or who it hurts.  They overshadow those that aren’t brave and feel they have no voice.  They overshadow those that only wish to keep peace and speak with understanding and empathy.  Humor is a two-faced mask used to twist the blade and then turn and ridicule you for being too easily offended.  Sometimes it makes me want to scream, sometimes it makes me want to throw my hands up and walk away.  How did we become like this?

Have I been hurt? Yes.  And I will continue to take that risk because in the end… I am happier to be a Sweet Summer Child full of all the hope that there is still some good left out there.  I will cling to that notion, because the alternative is far more saddening to me.  I’ve seen what years of pride and cynicism can do to a heart.  I choose love.

This week with Maya Angelou’s passing I couldn’t help but share some of her wisdom.  I am grateful that it has survived so long and really pray it would continue to do so.  Our lives would all be much richer for having soaked up some of it and practiced it.

“We cannot change the past,
but we can change our attitude toward it.
Uproot guilt and plant forgiveness.
Tear out arrogance and seed humility.
Exchange love for hate — thereby,
making the present comfortable and the future promising.” 


In the flush of love’s light we dare be brave…
And suddenly we see
that love costs all we are
and will ever be.
Yet it is only love
which sets us free.



Skin & Head Applier – Romy (America) – Glam Affair **NEW**

MESH Head – Visage (Emma) – Slink **NEW**

Hair – Pick Up Lines (Light Blondes)– Exile **NEW**

Eyes – Promise Eyes (Grey) – IKON

Rigged MESH Hands – Slink

MESH Breasts – Tangos – Lolas


Dress – Lana Long Dress – =Zenith= **NEW** @FaMESHed

Jewelry – Earth Stone Butterfly Necklace – =Zenith= **NEW** @FaMESHed

Accessory – Grape Leafs Corolla – = Zenith= **NEW** @FaMESHed


Poses – Mother of Generations – LePoppycock **NEW**

Landscaping – HappyMood

{ Rosie Cheeks } Shoetopia Preview!

Panties_Rockabilly Hey there cool cats… I’m still having too much fun playing around with this rockabilly look but I’m changing it up a little this time…getting a little more Betty Paige sexy and throwing in a modern twist with these hot newly revamped Bax Coen boots that are coming soon to the Shoetopia Event that opens this Friday, November 15th!  I love that these updated Regency boots have the gradient options to make things a little edgier as well as color change options for the soles/heels.  They really were the perfect boot to pair with my outfit.  Panties are an outfit aren’t they??  I mean, afterall, these panties from DRBC are sexy, flirty, rocker with ruffles kind of awesome.  The tattoo, which I first showed off in my previous post, as you can see has a very detailed full back and includes all the appliers for Lolas and Phat Azz as well as every layer you could want or need in a tat.  I’m also using once again oOo Studio’s new “Candy” poses that are inspired by vintage pinup models and meant for you to show off your sexy footwear. Keepin it simple, Daddy-O… I have so many more fantastic shoes to show you, I gotta get back to work!  But don’t forget to mark your calendar… you won’t wanna miss it!  Not to mention, help support SOLES4SOULS, a wonderful charity that is providing relief to the typhoon victims in the Phillipines.  Hope to see you there!

SHOETOPIA 2013 Poster_Final Line-Up 11_10



Skin – Ava Rockabilly Edition (Med) – Belleza **NEW** @TRFF

Eyes – Vanity Eyes (Chocolate) – IKON

Hair – Sassy 2 (Blacks & Whites 04) MESH – Truth

Ears – Steking MESH – Mandala

Breasts – Tangos MESH – Lolas

Lashes – Fantasia MESH Lashes – Gaeline

Tattoo – Love Hurts – INSANYA **NEW**

Nails – Jungle (Slink Appliers) – The Wicked Peach **NEW**

Rigged MESH Hands – Slink


Bottoms – Red Dotty Frills & Thrills Panties MESH – DRBC

Shoes – Regency Boots Patent Leather (Red Gradient) MESH – Bax Coen **NEW** @Shoetopia


“Candy” – oOo Studio **NEW**

{ Tantra } Teaser for POSE FAIR 2013


Mhm… time to pick your jaw up off the floor… this sensual and intimate NEW Couples Pose Collection from oOo Studio will be available soon at POSE FAIR.  This is just a sampling of one of the 8 seductive poses included in the ‘Tantra’ Chair. This pose in particular has options for hand placement both with standard breasts or for those that are little more voluptuous with the mesh breasts.  This MESH ‘Tantra’ Chair is also color changing from red, to black to cream to fit into a variety of photo styles.

If you want some poses to ignite some flames of passion in your photos, this set will not disappoint you!  More photos to come!



Skin – Isla (Pale) – League

Hair – Jamie (Blondes) MESHWasabi Pills *heavily edited

Hands & Feet – Barefoot MESH Flat Feet & Hands – Slink

Eyes – MESH Eyelids – Slink

Breasts – Tangos MESH Breasts – Lolas


Skin – Reese (Strawtone) – Birth

Hair – Dan (Dark brown) – UncleWeb Studio

Hands & Feet – MESHCheerno