{ Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile }

Time to say goodbye to Autumn, pack up the pumpkins and move on to Christmas and cookies and snow white winter wonderlands… And with that time to say goodbye to another round of Shiny Shabby. ¬†A new round will begin on December 22nd, so keep on the lookout for all the beautiful vintagey holiday things to come!




Mesh Head – Stella – LeLutka

Mesh Hands / Feet (mid) – Slink

Skin/Applier – Carol (tone 00) – *YS&YS* **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Hair – Nordic Winter (vixen) – [Atomic] Hair **NEW** @C88

Top – Norsk Jacket w/Cardigan (brown) – GizzA **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Bottoms – Nico Skinny Jeans (blue denim) – GizzA **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Shoes – JD Heels (brown) – MiaMai **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Pose – Photo Pose Set_M007 (slightly modified right arm) – *agapee* **NEW** @ShinyShabby


Build – Storyteller’s Burrow Gacha: Passageway – 8f8

Goodbye Autumn Gacha: Seat (RARE), Cart, Chair, Ladder, Light, Autumn Roses – Apt B **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Raw Wood Gacha: Life is Good palette – [ kunst ] **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Acorn / Auburn Treehouse Gacha: Rainboot Cart & Coatrack – Dust Bunny

Old & Rusted Gacha: Floor Rags – Apt B

Nature is my Garden: Pinecone Crowns & Acorn Lights – [Black Bantam]

{ Diners, Drive-ins and Divas! }

If you’re American and have any interest in the Food Network, this title may make you snicker a bit.. if so, good, my work here is done! ūüėõ ¬†If you’re not American and still get the play on words … even better! ¬†It all started with a sassy glam outfit from Shiny Shabby (thank you so much Dead Dollz!) and then the gift of this gorgeous vintage white (and driveable!) convertible by Consignment that you can get right now at the Arcade. ¬†I wanted to play up the diva look so gave myself a couple canine companions fitting for a rich girl… the¬†flottante puppies from {anc} were the perfect addition. ¬†And since I can never get enough of {anc}’s elegant and whimsical creations, I snuck some of their champagne Arcade offerings to turn this into an upper class tailgate! ¬†Vanity Hair’s “Not My Business” feels very retro and full of attitude so now we come full circle with the classic car and BAM!… “Diners, Drive-ins and Divas” is born.

Welcome to my strange and wonderful mind… hope you enjoyed it! ¬†Now drink up.. and get shopping!



Mesh Head & Appliers – Julia (Sexy – Milk) – Genesis Lab

Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Mesh Hands – Elegant – Slink

Hair – “Not my Business” (ombres) – Vanity Hair **NEW**

Outfit – Vesper Dress (black) – .:Dead Dollz:. **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Shoes – Marylin Heels w/Anklets (zebra) – Just Design **NEW** @FaMESHed

Jewelry – Hourglass Necklace – MiaMai **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Jewelry – Margi Cuffs & Bangles (silver) – LUXE **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Pose – Karla #1 – Label Motion **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Moonlight Lounge Gacha: champagne bottle, glass (in hand) and champagne towers – {anc} **NEW** @Arcade

Flottante Puppies (cream) – {anc} **NEW** @C88

Wax On/Wax Off Gacha: Convertible (white) – [Consignment] **NEW** @Arcade

{ We’re just trying to find some color in this black and white world }



Front Model

Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Skin/Appliers – Summer V3 (India 04 G) Uber Version – Glam Affair

Hair – { Entwined } **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Eyes – Triumph (Loam) – IKON **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Outfit – Daily Basics¬†Gacha: Top (pink), Skirt (purple) – Lua’s **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Jewelry РFlora Gacha: Cuff 02, Earrings 02, Necklace 02 РMiaMai **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Back Model

Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Skin/Appliers – Summer V3 (Jamaica 06 C) – Glam Affair

Hair – Anais (blondes) – MINA **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Eyes – Triumph (Apex) – IKON **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Tattoo – Biogenic Tatoo – .Inhale. **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Outfit – Daily Basics Gacha: Top (beige), Skirt (floral), Collar (RARE), Bag (RARE) – Lua’s **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Jewelry – Flora Gacha: Earrings 02 – MiaMai **NEW** @ShinyShabby


Prop РDecorative Doors Gacha: Symi Р{Exposeur}

Primavera in Toscana Gacha: Wall Grapevine Р8f8

Boho Lights (blue, pink, purple) & Octogon Table (blue) – [Pixel Mode]

Baras Gacha: Stools (01, 03, 05,06) – Concept}

Rustic Autumn Gacha: Pot #3 – [ kunst ] **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Poses¬†(both) –¬†Decorative Doors Gacha: Paris – {Exposeur} **modified to use in this set

{ Za vas! Mother Russia } Shiny Shabby Ends Soon!

The current round of Shiny Shabby: “From Russia With Love” will be ending in just a few short days. Get on over to shop from all the fantastic designers until May 14th! ¬†Here’s a sampling of some of the awesome things you can find there…



On Me

Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Skin – Grazia (Asia Shiny Shabby 03 A) – Glam Affair **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Hair РDiana РTableau Vivant **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Top РRushka blouse & vest РMOON AMORE **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Bottoms – Ripped Denim Shorts (faded) – Blueberry

Shoes РGabriela (fire) РDuncan Giano **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Jewelry РIrina Rings РIEQED **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Accessory РVasilisa Purse Gacha: 003/1 РMIAMAI **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Pose – Sits 01 – #1 – {Imeka}


Volga House & Bed (pillows only shown) РCONCEPT **NEW** @ShinyShabby

“A House is not a Motel” Gacha: Couch & Sit (Russian) – {Reverie}¬†**NEW** @ShinyShabby

“Moscow Nights” Gacha: Rug2, Table – Zerkalo¬†**NEW** @ShinyShabby

Alina Chairs w/pillows РPixel Mode **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Vodka Bottles, glasses, Soviet Propaganda Posters Р[Kunst] **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Vending Machine Р7 Emporium **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Old Farmer Chair Р22769 [bauwerk] **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Gitane Gacha: Derbake (geometric), Daff (rabbits), Oud (Classique) РCinphul **NEW** @ShinyShabby

{ She has the answers you are seeking } NEW! at Shiny Shabby

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

* * * * * * *


On Me

Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Skin – Grazia (Jamaica 04 G) – Glam Affair **NEW** @Uber

Hair – Jacky – Mina **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Outfit – Good Feeling Dress – BCC **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Shoes – Boho Sandals (sunlight) – Glam Affair

Accessory – Vogue Headchain (gold) – Azoury **NEW** @ShinyShabby


Build – Little Boho Garden Shack, cow skull, shelf w/tapestry, rug – 22769 [bauwerk] **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Street Fortune Teller Gacha Set – TORO **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Boho Lights (hanging) – [PM]Pixel Mode **NEW** @ShinyShabby

Caravan Kitchen Cluster: plants – MIAMAI **NEW** @ShinyShabby

{ Good Girls Go Bad }


For anyone that follows my work (even prior to blogging) they would probably say I have a certain style to my photos.¬† I am sure most of the time it comes across as more romantic and whimsical (like my last few posts), sometimes sensual.¬† Not usually edgy.¬† Although it’s fun to venture outside the box sometimes.¬† It’s one of the things I like best about Second Life actually: being able to change my style according to my mood or just simply to be different.¬† I’ve often felt that in my real life I am viewed a certain way… I’m a mom, the good girl, the wife.¬† I do dishes and laundry and carpool kids to soccer practice.¬† Yet there is so much more to my interests, my personality, ME… than what everyone sees.¬† In RL, I can’t dye my hair black and wear leather studded miniskirts when dropping my son off to school (well, I can, but I’m sure I’d get some pretty strange looks, particularly from my 6 year old).¬†¬† So sometimes I enjoy exploring those not so typically ‘good girl’ sides to myself through my SL.¬† Because here, I am anything I wanna be.¬† For the moment.



Skin – Alyx (Peach) – Pink Fuel **NEW**

Makeup – LesMakeups (Monica) – MiaMai

Eyes – Eternal Eyes (grey) – IKON

Hair – Betty (black coffee) MESHWasabi Pills **NEW** @FaMESHed

MESH Hands – Slink


Top – Lua’s Cropped Shirt MESHThe Secret Store **NEW** @FaMESHed

Bottoms РStudded Skirt (grey) MESHCracked Mirror **NEW** @FaMESHed

Stockings – Patterned Stockings (Skulls/black) – Erratic

Boots – Salina Boots (Black) MESH¬†–¬†:FANATIK:¬†**NEW** @FaMESHed

Jewelry – Roho Ring (Large) MESHMaxi Gossamer

Jewelry – Love Rocker Necklace MESHMaxi Gossamer

Face Piercings – Against the Stream (Ink) MESH:Hebenon Vial:


“Daphne” Singles – oOo Studio **NEW**


Toxian City