{ Tic Toc.. turn back the clock }

 Age with grace.  Nip and tuck.  Pluck away unwanted things.

Plump this up.  Smooth that out.  We can beautify you magically.

Peel and scrub.  Bleach and wax.  You might feel a pinch right here.

Just relax.  Stress adds lines.  We’re turning back the hands of time.



Lab Girls

Skin – Claudia BFF (Fair 01) – Belleza

Hair – Misty #3 HUD – .Olive. **NEW** @TLC

Outfit – Biopunck Shirt, Pants and Boots (black) – [sYs] **NEW** @TLC

Accessories – Engineer’s Goggles – ~Songbird~ **NEW**


Skin – Yasmin (Med 10) – Belleza **NEW**

Hair – Dura **NEW**

Outfit – Bodysuit – MUKA **NEW** @TLC

Accessories – Virtual Reality Set – Plethora **NEW** @TLC


Medical Machine & Hoses – Soy. **NEW** @TLC

Door – NeurolaB Inc.

Lab Girl Poses – Despondent & Lifeguard – Del May **NEW**