{ The darkest part of me }

It’s my descent
To know your pain
It’s watching all
I believed fade away

Half traitors and fools
Half beggars and thieves
Which mask will you choose
What is underneath

I never wanted you to see
The darkest part of me
I knew you’d run away
I waited but you never came


So afraid to be alone
I tried to let you go
And still I find you lost inside the darkest part of me

And out of the black state of your perfect life
And out of the darkness that you need to hide
It covers you
It spills over you

I never wanted you to see
The darkest part of me
I knew you’d run away
I waited but you never came

So afraid to be alone
I tried to let you go
And still I find you lost inside the darkest part of me.

**My apologies for getting this post up after “The Last Unicorn” theme of Enchantment has ended for this round, however all items should be available in their respective stores listed below.  Please keep an eye out for other future fairytale-related rounds at this creative bi-monthly event!**


Mesh Head – Annie – CATWA

Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Skin/Appliers – Catwa Soha Gacha (India 02) – Glam Affair

Hair – No Magic (reds) – NO.MATCH **

Eyes –  Vale (rebel) – {S0NG}

Horns / Jewelry – Wicked Beast Horns & Septum Ring – CerberusXing **

Outfit – Harpy Gacha: Bindings & Panty RARES, Arm Guards (black) – Storybook **

Other – Amalthea Tails (modified) – Cubic Cherry **

Shoes – Armor Unicorn Legs (black/silver) – Aisha **

Other – Finger Claws (black) – MEVA **

Pose – Strings – Del May

{ Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water }

…Will you keep me ? or throw me back ?

For a fish.. water is comfort. Water is safety. Water is home. Take her from the sea and into the open air and she will gasp and gulp, flopping and flailing about against all hope to once again drink in that refreshing water of life. If she is lucky enough to be set free, tossed back into the waves..Sinking into the deep blue quiet, the fear in her eyes will float away with the tide.

I often wonder if we are as content with living in this world. The world we were meant to be in. Does it feel like home? Are you happy in your little cocoon of existence? Or do you feel unsettled and unsure, uncomfortable in your surroundings even among those you call family and friends? I think most everyone can say that at one time in their life they have been in situations that make them feel this way. It’s always scary to go into the unknown and try something new or different, but sometimes life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

I’ll share with you that in my own real life, I’ve been struggling with this feeling of discontent for quite a long time. I knew that the only way to fix things would be to make changes. I’ve been trying to push myself lately, to do things that previously scared me. It hasn’t been easy, and the journey is far from over, but I am learning how to “just keep swimming”. One day at a time, learning as I go. My biggest goal is to just find happiness. Whatever and wherever that may be. I haven’t quite figured out the secret to success, but I think it’s a matter of trial and error. Some days are still going to be like swimming upstream, but I have realized it’s good to be proud just for trying at all.

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Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Skin/Applier – Katra (Polar Clean A) – Glam Affair

Makeup – Virtuous – {Wicked Peach}

Makeup – Water Nymph – {Wicked Peach} **previous gacha

Hair – Kiara (ombres) – [Entwined] **NEW** @TSA

note: hair edited in PS, original covers both shoulders

Eyes – Aqua Eyes (tropical) – Insufferable Dastard

Outfit – Ocean’s Soul bikini top, hair and shoulder pieces – Poet’s Heart **NEW** @TSA

Mermaid Tail – JOMO

Jewelry – Abyssal Confectionicus Necklace – Storybook **NEW** @TSA

Jewelry – Mermaid’s Stinger Ring – Maxi Gossamer


Fisherman’s Kit/Resting Place – [zerkalo] **NEW** @TSA

Old Lanterns – [We’re CLOSED]

Pose – from furnishing – modified by me