{ the BAR } New stuff from The Liaison Collaborative!



Lyla Bar, Beer Crates, Bottles, Ashtray, Stools – [fetch] **NEW** @TLC

Kunsteiner Taps (silver) and beer glasses (Lager, Red Ale, and Stout) – [ Kunst ] **NEW** @TLC

Pipe Chandeliers & Table Lamp – +CONVAIR+ **NEW** @TLC

Welcome Sign – Mudhoney **NEW** @TLC

Cigarette Machine, No Service Sign, Cold Beer Sign, Gentlemen’s Sign, Handtruck & Lightbox Letters (THE BAR) – 7 Emporium

Liquor Cabinets – Guardian de las Sombras

Antique Cash Register – Oyasumi

Liquor Tray – Tartessos Arts

Pool Table – EoD

{ Hot Chocolate }


I could keep apologizing for being sick and busy and busy and sick…but I’m starting to sound like a broken record.  Finally catching up on a few blogposts and did this photo at the tail end of Shoetopia before it closed because well… Gos Boutique!  Need I say more?  Always a favorite of mine and was so thrilled to see his sexy new release of Bordello style heels called “Dita” with gorgeous corset detailing along the back wedge.  I couldn’t resist going for the full monty and getting sexified with this one, but instead of me baring it all (because apparently it has been pointed out to me that I have been baring it all so frequently lately 😛 ) I decided to let my man prop be the eye candy.  But only when you can stop looking at the shoes long enough to see what’s going on.

*hits record on the video camera* Now if you’ll excuse me….


Background Scene

Skybox – Blueberry Prefabs

Rug, Chaise and Pillows – Apple Fall **NEW** @Men’s Department

Bronze Table, White Leather Chair – The LOFT

Bar Drinks on table & Box of Adult Items – PILOT

Video Camera and Plant – Tartessos Arts

{ The Green Guys Are Coming! }


Do you get hit by inspiration in the middle of ordinary everyday tasks?  Well I do, particularly in the shower.  (sorry if that’s TMI) Maybe it’s because that’s when I have the most time to just think uninterrupted.  And originally as much as I thought all the items at this latest round of The Garden event were super cute and creative (I mean, how can you not love laser blasters and green alien lawn decor?!) no ideas were immediate on how to blog ALL THE THINGS!  Then, one day, in the middle of rinsing my shampoo, this scene came to me.  It made me giggle to myself, and I do hope the irony isn’t completely lost on you, the audience.  Despite SL trying to keep me from completing my vision and crashing me upon every attempt to shoot this… I finally won.


Leave it to the kids to save the day, as the little green guys infiltrate this trailer park drive-in movie scene unbeknownst to Mom and Dad enjoying a little sci-fi movie of their own.  Sometimes those 3D movies seem so real, or are they??


The Garden ends September 10th, so you still have time to get over there and get your Area 51 goodies!



Lattice Fence & Plantings MESH – Botanical **NEW**

Outdoor Movies Set MESH – Cheeky Pea **NEW**

Stepside Bed (Rust) MESH – Conspiracy Theory **NEW** @The Garden

Roswell Trailer (yellow) MESH – Cheeky Pea **NEW** @The Garden

Cardboard Rocketship MESH –  Alouette **NEW** @The Garden

“Space Invaders” Rocket Planter MESH – The Eleventh Hour **NEW** @The Garden

Mesa Chairs MESH – What Next **NEW** @The Garden

Friendly Alien (resized) –  22769 [bauwerk] **NEW** @The Garden

Ray Guns MESH – Pixel Mode **NEW** @The Garden

It’s Aliens! UFOs MESH – *MishMish* **NEW** @The Garden

Alien Lawn Gnomes (green) & The Invasion hanging lights (pink) MESH – .Olive. **NEW** @The Garden

Junk Windchime – The Hole Junk Yard

Picnic Cooler MESH – !! Follow Us !!

Beer Machine MESH – EoD

Boombox & Bowl of Potato Chips MESH – Tartessos Arts

Beer Bottles MESH – POST

String of lights on posts & Sidetable with popcorn *from old Backyard Cinema Set* – Cheeky Pea

**if you need to know about any of the clothing items worn in these pics,

just drop me a note in world!**