{ Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water }

…Will you keep me ? or throw me back ?

For a fish.. water is comfort. Water is safety. Water is home. Take her from the sea and into the open air and she will gasp and gulp, flopping and flailing about against all hope to once again drink in that refreshing water of life. If she is lucky enough to be set free, tossed back into the waves..Sinking into the deep blue quiet, the fear in her eyes will float away with the tide.

I often wonder if we are as content with living in this world. The world we were meant to be in. Does it feel like home? Are you happy in your little cocoon of existence? Or do you feel unsettled and unsure, uncomfortable in your surroundings even among those you call family and friends? I think most everyone can say that at one time in their life they have been in situations that make them feel this way. It’s always scary to go into the unknown and try something new or different, but sometimes life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

I’ll share with you that in my own real life, I’ve been struggling with this feeling of discontent for quite a long time. I knew that the only way to fix things would be to make changes. I’ve been trying to push myself lately, to do things that previously scared me. It hasn’t been easy, and the journey is far from over, but I am learning how to “just keep swimming”. One day at a time, learning as I go. My biggest goal is to just find happiness. Whatever and wherever that may be. I haven’t quite figured out the secret to success, but I think it’s a matter of trial and error. Some days are still going to be like swimming upstream, but I have realized it’s good to be proud just for trying at all.

Featuring some wonderful new creations for The Secret Affair in my photo above. Make sure to check out this bi-monthly event for a great selection of fantasy themed items!


Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Skin/Applier – Katra (Polar Clean A) – Glam Affair

Makeup – Virtuous – {Wicked Peach}

Makeup – Water Nymph – {Wicked Peach} **previous gacha

Hair – Kiara (ombres) – [Entwined] **NEW** @TSA

note: hair edited in PS, original covers both shoulders

Eyes – Aqua Eyes (tropical) – Insufferable Dastard

Outfit – Ocean’s Soul bikini top, hair and shoulder pieces – Poet’s Heart **NEW** @TSA

Mermaid Tail – JOMO

Jewelry – Abyssal Confectionicus Necklace – Storybook **NEW** @TSA

Jewelry – Mermaid’s Stinger Ring – Maxi Gossamer


Fisherman’s Kit/Resting Place – [zerkalo] **NEW** @TSA

Old Lanterns – [We’re CLOSED]

Pose – from furnishing – modified by me

{ The Left Behind } Last Call for The Secret Affair!

The end times are here!…for this round of The Secret Affair, that is.  The event, inspired by Mad Max the movie, will end March 30th.  So if you haven’t been yet, definitely go and check out all the great creations before they pack it up.


On Me

Mesh Body – Lara – Maitreya

Skin – Katra (Asia 02 G) – Glam Affair **NEW**

Hair – Nora – [Entwined] **NEW** @TSA

Makeup – Wasteland (face paint) 4 – [theSkinnery] **NEW** @TSA

Appliers – Grime – The Wicked Peach

Top – The End: Top (blue) – May’s Soul **NEW** @TSA

Bottoms – Smuggler’s Pants & plates (brown/tungsten) – :ENIGMA: **NEW** @TSA

Shoes – Survivor Boots (leather brown) – Redgrave

Collar/Mask/Chain/Molotov – The End Collection – May’s Soul **NEW** @TSA

Accessory – Arm Shield – 22769 [bauwerk] **NEW** @TSA

Accessory – Apocalypse Pauldrons – [The Forge] **NEW** @TSA


Dystopia Threshold & Incendiary Trees – Ravenghost **NEW** @TSA

Bombed Out Scene – Roawenwood **NEW** @TSA

Suldaan Welcome Sign & Road Sign – [Fetch] **NEW** @TSA

Zombie Hideout – DRD **NEW** @TSA

The Shelter – 22769 [bauwerk] **NEW** @TSA

{ Everything I gave is wasted }


Can’t resist poisoning the message
Just a narcissist trapped inside the wreckage
And the sympathy I had is gone
Deadened by the ceremony
Drama queen,
Stand behind your empire
As your kingdom falls, all because

Take away your broken misery,
I can’t wait to erase your memory
This love, this love is gonna be the end of me.
Everything I gave is wasted,
I’m the one who suffocated
This love, this love is gonna be the end of me

Your rescue, my undo
I’m not the one to save you
I’m empty completely
I’m drowning in your shadow

Take away your broken misery,
I can’t wait to erase your memory
This love, this love is gonna be the end of me.
Everything I gave is wasted,
I’m the one who suffocated
This love, this love is gonna be the end of

Cant chase away your ghost,
Inside it only grows
Nothing left but misery
This will be the end of me
All the shit that you created,
All the scars you celebrated
Couldn’t take away your pain
Couldn’t resurrect your gain
This love will be the end of me,
This love will be the end.


**credits have been updated with new release landmarks**

Mesh Body – Venus – Belleza

Skin – Tess (Med 7 Dk Br) – Belleza **COMING SOON** @SkinFair2015

Hair – Bexley – TRUTH **NEW**

Eyes – Sinistre Eyes (Angre) – Dead Apples

Lashes – Dolly & Flutter Falsies – Candy Mountain

Ears – HUTUU – Mandala

Appliers – Grime – The {Wicked Peach} **NEW**

Teeth – OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0 – [PXL]

Outfit – Badlands Corset (black), Arm Cuffs (steel), Hair Feathers (dark), Raven hair ornament (steel), Septum piercing (steel), Head jewel (steel) – Cellar Door **NEW** @TheSecretAffair (TSA)

Bottoms – Valkyrie Utility Trousers (pitch) – Neverwood **NEW** @TSA

Accessory – Chani Nose Chain (black/silver) – .random.Matter. **NEW** @TSA

Accessory – Renzo Collar (black II) – On a Lark **NEW** @TSA

Jewelry – Bonedaddy bracelets – Plastik **NEW** @TSA

*Endless* Gacha: Belt (black- RARE) & Postapocalyptic Boots (ULTRA) – FDD **NEW** @TSA

Mesh Cigarette – The Collective

Pose – Moody Set 2-1 – oOo Studio **NEW** @FiftyLindenFridays


Virtual Decay Store Sim

{ Waiting for Mrs. Smith }

Warning: Blathering unrelated to fashion ahead…

Ever have one of those photos that pains you.. like really PAINS you?? I admit to spending far more time than I should’ve on this particular photo but I think anyone out there who takes photos can relate to this.  When you go into a project that you know should be so simple.  You have the idea already there in your head.  You can see it clearly.  You have a plan, you just need to bring it together.  And that’s when things beyond your control come into play and suddenly, what should’ve been easy peasy lemon squeezee (yes i did just say that) is now making you want to punch your computer.  This is by no means the most elaborate photo I’ve ever done.  It’s pretty straightforward just by looking at it.  I am just one of those lucky individuals who is blessed with an annoying attention to detail (i.e. OCD).  At some point though, you have to give a bit and realize the idea in your mind is just not realistically going to happen so you make do.  In the wee hours of the morning and just on the verge of giving up I snapped a shot that I said “well, that’s not too bad” and from there to here… A photo was born.  This is the story of my labor pains.  All you mothers who’ve birthed a photo nod and give me an “mhmmm”.

P.S. I’ve never actually seen the movie “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” but GizzA‘s new Dark Glamour Gown had me feeling the need to get a pistol in a garter for my naked thigh and it immediately made me think of the movie poster and Angelina Jolie elegantly dressed with attitude. Hope you enjoyed my interpretation. Now if you’ll excuse me, Brad is calling for me.



Mesh Body – Venus – Belleza

Skin – Eva (Med 2 R) – Belleza **NEW** @Uber

Hair – London – Exile

Eyes – Bewitched Eyes (winter) – Buzzeri

Nail Appliers – Icicles – the {Wicked Peach} **NEW** @Winter Trend Fair

Dress – Dark Glamour – GizzA **NEW**

Jewelry – Florence Necklace & Earrings – Cae’s

Accessory – Clutch Bag (part of Dark Glamour Outfit) – GizzA **NEW**

Accessory – Bittersweet (white) Hat – LODE

Accessory – “Little Secret” Pistol Garter – DeSSion

Pose – High #7 – oOo Studio **NEW – COMING SOON** 12/19

{ Iced }

Showing off some wintery whimsy with this new set of poses by oOo Studio coming this week for Fifty Linden Fridays.  The “Iced” pose set is intended to let you put your bejewelled hands and neckline on display.  Definitely a steal for L$50!

I’m also excited that Glam Affair now has Belleza Venus Mesh Body appliers for their skins!  Super happy!  As I’m addicted to my new mesh body and now I don’t have to sacrifice my mesh parts in order to wear Aida’s creations!


More frosty goodness to come in the days ahead as this is one of my favorite seasons.  Being a northern girl at heart ..

“the cold never bothered me anyway!” 😉


Mesh Body – Venus – Belleza

Skin – Sia II Ice (polar 02) – **NEW** @C88

Makeup – White Witch 1 – The {Wicked Peach}

Hair – Myst (dip dye) – Tableau Vivant **NEW**

Eyes – Bewitched Eyes (winter) – Buzzeri

Ears – High Elf Uni Ears – .:Soul:. **NEW** @We<3RP

Nail Appliers – Icicles – the {Wicked Peach} **NEW** @Winter Trend Fair

Top – Festival Bra (white) – Noodles

Bottoms – Candice Dress Skirt (white) – DIRAM

Jewelry – Ice Queen Bracelets and Headpiece – Modish **NEW** @We<3RP

Jewelry – Ice Ring (silver) – (Yummy) **NEW** @C88

Accessory – Gabor Mink Stole – MODA

Accessory – Aria Chain Harness (platinum) – Noodles

Accessories – Frozen Heart Wings (ultrarare) & Ice Crown (rare) – Enfant Terrible **past Gacha

Pose – Iced #4 – oOo Studio **NEW – COMING SOON** @FLF 12/19

{ A Winter Picnic for You, Me, and (Cari)boo! }

Winter is coming!!! The Liaison Collaborative is currently open and gearing up for the change of seasons with the theme: “Winter Harvest”.  You will find home & garden goods, fashion items as well as poses from a list of amazing creators.  Get prepped and ready for the snowfall on your sim or as you journey around the grid.  This round runs until Dec 10th!



Skin – Grace (Med 3 Blk) – Belleza

Makeup – Beauty Marks 1 & 3 – Belleza

Makeup – Rosy (full) – The {Wicked} Peach **NEW** @TLC

Hair (w/hat) – Natasja – MINA **NEW** @TLC

Eyes – Bewitched Eyes (winter) – Buzzeri **NEW**

Mesh Hands – Slink

Top – Kristen Knit Dress w/ Cashmere Scarf (noir/silver) – Valentina E. **NEW** @TLC

Bottoms – Josie Pants (Suede – dk) – GizzA **NEW**

Shoes – Winter Wedge Boots – League


Winter Harvest Picnic Set – {What Next} **NEW** @TLC

Large Snowy Firs, T2C Campfire & Stacked Firewood – Botanical

Gnesen Farm Shed (aged) – POST

Winter Grass – Zigana

Shurbs (bare) – [we’re CLOSED]

Tree Stumps & Reindeer – e-brink

Enchanted Forest – Studio Skye

Comfy #4 – Everglow **NEW** @TLC

{ Cirque de Seraphim } Let the Show Begin!

A wonderful new event and circus has come to town!!  Starting tomorrow, November 6th, Cirque de Seraphim opens!  Featuring over 100 designers/creators from across the grid all coming together to benefit and raise money for the ASPCA.  Make sure to check the Cirque homepage for a sneak peek at all the goodies that will be available… but for now I’d like to give you a taste of what you can find from oOo Studio by Olaenka Chesnokov.


New set of Singles poses “Contort” featuring all sorts of flex and bend poses to challenge your creativity.


New set of Singles poses w/podium prop called “Ringleader” with both sits and stand poses.


Lastly “Tiptoe” a set of singles poses for those not afraid of heights and light on their feet. Inspired by the creative artwork of Michael Parkes.

Enjoy the show!  And happy shopping!

~ Trinetty Skytower ~

** if you have any questions about the styles used in any of the photos, please contact me inworld **

{ The Summoner }



Skin – Brooke (SK 3 Dk) – Belleza **NEW** @TLC

Makeup – Priestess 1 -6 – The {Wicked Peach} **NEW** @TLC

Eyes – Sinistre Eyes (bloodlust) – Dead Apples

Hair – Neria (w/horns) – TRUTH **NEW**

Tattoo – 5th Chakra 4 (mouth) – ::Axix::

Mesh Hands – Slink

Nail Appliers – Decay – The {Wicked Peach} **NEW**

Accessories – Cthulhu Septum Ring & Orianthi Nose Chains (black) – .random.Matter. **NEW**

Accessory – Mila Cuff – Noodles **NEW** @TLC

Jewelry – Reina Necklace – Zibska **NEW**

Dress – Maxi Autumn Dress (red) – PEQE **NEW** @TLC

Pose – Artisanne Pose #4 – [ILAYA] Poses **NEW** @TLC

{ Age old pastimes never die }

The Liaison Collaborative‘s Technologic Theme runs through October 10th.  So many futuristic and industrial inspired goodies to rave about…  Don’t miss out!





Skin – Artemis “Cyber Princess” (America 02 NB) – Glam Affair **NEW** @TLC

Makeup – Extraterrestrial 2-4 – The {Wicked Peach} **NEW** @TLC

Hair – Codie (Chromium) – Discord Designs **old gacha from Hair Fair

Eyes – Cyborg Eyes – NeurolaB Inc.

Mesh EV3 Cybernetic Hands – NeurolaB Inc.

Mesh Feet – Slink

Outfit – Technofuture Bralette & Leggings – Fishy Strawberry **NEW** @TLC

Heels – Electric Dreams – Eudora **NEW** @TLC

Jewelry – Cyber Collar CR-1 – NeurolaB Inc.

Extras – Beat Capsule 2.0 (Cymbiplant) – Hocico


Outfit – Black Suit – Kauna

Boots – Runner Shoes X2 (unisex) – NeurolaB Inc.

Accessories – Headphones – Swallow **NEW** @TLC


Electric Empire Table – Stockholm & Lima **NEW** @TLC

Suspensor Chairs – [bauwerk] 22769 **NEW** @TLC

V3.6 Sentinel Pet Drones – NeurolaB Inc.

Her Pose – Rave Girl (+Glow Stick Props) – Picture This! Poses **NEW** @TLC

{ Streaking in the Dark } Alice Project


I have a confession… I am a Second Life hair addict.  But wait, there’s more… I *hesitates* have never really tried Alice Project Hair until just recently. *gasps*  I know I know… It’s not like Alice hasn’t been making fabulous hair for quite a while now.  But well you see, I don’t think I knew what I was doing to be honest.  The whole Create Your Own (CYO) hair seemed a bit over my head, no pun intended.  (Yes, I’m blonde in rl)  But having taken some time to really look at it, it was never really that hard at all and I am so glad I did because, WOW.  The options and cool things you can do with this hair are really quite amazing.

The hair I am wearing is called Kiera.  When you purchase any hair from Alice Project it does come with a mini-pack Color HUD for you to get started with.  From there you can purchase additional color HUDs with different options from natural to extremes, dipped, streaks, glitter and so much more.  First choose a color pack, and then which color and shade you want which shows on the right column of the HUD.  Once you have decided on a base color for your hair, which for me was a brown dipped black tone, select APPLY on the HUD.  This will permanently dye the hair to that color now.


You can then choose what areas of the hair you’d like to highlight.  At the bottom of the HUD you see PARTS: ALL 1 2 3 and 4.  Not all hairs have the same number of parts to change up, for instance, my hair only had one part that you could streak with an additional color at the front.  Select a part and start trying out colors, this is something you can change as often as you’d like.  I chose a teal color from the Extremes Color pack to match with my sexy little dress from DRIFT.  If you don’t happen to like the color on the HUD you currently have on, you can switch to any other HUDs you own, or buy a new one and use that to streak your hair.

(PLEASE NOTE: You must “apply” the base color you want BEFORE trying to streak the hair parts to any colors, otherwise when you try to streak a part, it will just change the whole hair to that color).


There is hardly a limit to your creativity with Alice Project.  It’s a veritable playground of color choices, so play and have fun with your hair!



Skin – Nina (Med 07) – Belleza **NEW**

Eyes – Vanity Eyes (Chocolate) – IKON

Hair – Kiera (Naturals base color / Extreme streaks) MESHAlice Project

Nails – Zebra Glitter (Slink Appliers) – The Wicked Peach **NEW**

Rigged MESH Hands and High Feet – Slink


Dress – Sexy Lil Dress MESH – DRIFT **NEW**

Shoes – Priscilla Plateau (Teal) MESH – Slink **NEW**

Jewelry – Kalistar Collar Necklace and Earrings MESH – Maxi Gossamer **NEW**


Beth Pack – DieselWorks **NEW**