Photography Services

Thank you for your interest in my photography which has been a passion of mine since the beginning of my SL experience.  I have been providing photography services professionally in SL since December 2008.  Please take a look at my Flickr Gallery to make sure my artistic style fits your needs.

All photos are enhanced using Photoshop CS6, prices are based on the amount of time and work that goes into every photo I do. I take great care and detail with each photo and work to correct avatar blemishes, protruding objects, and hair faux-paus as well as adding graphic enhancements, editing in backgrounds or other elements to give you a very realistic end portrait. I do most photo sessions here in my own personal studio as well as my home sim, and occasionally on request in-world at your favorite spot!

I have hundreds of poses for both singles and couples (or even groups), with and without props, including fantasy, erotic, fashionista, fighting, swimming, the list goes on… If you have a specific theme in mind, just let me know in advance so that I can prepare for your session with the appropriate backdrops, props and / or poses.  You are also welcome to use your own pose if you so choose.

Below are my rates and additional information you will need prior to a photoshoot with me.


$L 2500 – single avatar


$L 3000 – single avatar


$L 3500

(3/4 or full bodied portrait)


Magazine Advertisements / Store Art – $L 4000 (1-2 avatars)

Vendor Photos – $L 2000+
(prices based on amount of work involved)

Business Logos – $L 5000

**$L 500 each additional avatar (aka group shots)**

Additional Information

♦ 50% of total package cost is due at your time of booking. This is non-refundable.  Payment in full is required at your appointed photo time.

♦ Photo sessions take approximately 30 minutes to one hour depending on number of photographs, avatars and complexity of the shoot.  I take whatever time is necessary to complete your photos as requested.

♦ Please be on time.  If a reschedule is needed please contact me asap at or in world.

♦ Please be dressed & have costume changes readily available. Do take time to try on what you’ll be wearing ahead of time and adjust prims accordingly. Please detach face lights and turn AO’s off.

♦ Please understand that I am often juggling multiple projects and do also do commercial work on a regular basis so I will complete your photos as quickly as possible but will handle them based on priority.  Your patience is appreciated.

♦ I post all of my client work on my Flickr account.  If you would prefer your photo not be shared please let me know.

♦ All finished photos can be delivered in world or sent to a specific email address that you provide.

♦ Although the photos I send to you are full permissions, they are for your own personal non-commercial use or within photo contests, but please do not modify my photos or claim any work to be your own. The artist (me) retains the rights to the created piece of work. You are purchasing a print of it.

♦ If unsatisfied with your photograph I supply one re-shoot/re-edit at no additional charge.  If still unsatisfied you will be refunded in full.

♦ Currently I am not available for wedding events.  I am however able to do engagement, wedding couple, and bridal portraits. Please refer to the above pricing.

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